[ Hokkaido Special: “Kaminoko” Pond @ Hokkaido ]

“Kaminoko” Pond

“Kaminoko” Pond is at the mountains in Kiyosato-cho, eastern part of Hokkaido.

“Kaminoko” Pond is a pond shining in azure blue full of transparent water. So we can see fallen tree without rotting in the bottom of the pond.
Its girth is only 220m and depth of the water is 5m small pond. But 12000t of water springs out in a day.

This beautiful pond changes the color by feebleness of the sunlight.
When sunlight is strong, it shines in azure blue from spring to the autumn.
It seems to become indigo blue when sunlight is weak in deep winter.

Coming in summer is recommended climatically.

[ Information ] “Kaminoko” Pond
■Open: Average year, from June to October or November.
(In winter, there are a lot of snow, the access is very difficult)
■Fee: Free
■URL: http://www.town.kiyosato.hokkaido.jp/kankou/kaminokoike.html
■Access: Please use car.
1) A route going by a rent-a-car from a “Meman-betsu” airport is common.
2) It is about 70km, run for about one hour and 30 minutes from “Meman-betsu” airport.
3) Leave “Meman-betsu” airport towards southeast, the Lake “Mashu” area.
4) Set the navigator to “JR Midori Station” in the case “Kaminoko” Pond didn’t come out.
5) “Kaminoko” Pond is in a mountain, but the straight road continues for 2km right till front of a pond.
6) Destination is soon if you can see the mark of the “神の子池” (Kaminokoike).
*It is reliable if you remember the kanji of “神の子池” (Kaminokoike) and “右折” (right turn).
7) Go ahead through 2km way of the dirt road in the forest, run for 4-5 minutes, and a large parking spot appears. “Kaminoko” Pond is soon from the parking.

It shines in azure blue.  The clear stream which flows out from the “Kaminoko” Pond. “Kaminoko” (Son of God) Pond has the legend that underflow water of Lake "Mashu" (Lake of God) is boiled.