[ Winery in Yamanashi ]

Kosyu grape

There are over 50 wineries of the “Kosyu wine”(made in Japan) in Yamanashi prefecture.
“Kosyu wine” is most famous for dry white wine of less sourness. Also, sweet white wine, sparkling wine, and red wine are popular.
“Kosyu grape” is an indigenous species of Japan. Many wineries are located in Katsunuma area where you can see extensive vineyards.
At this winery I introduce you today, you can try over 10 kinds of wine in a tasting room, try some deserts, and make a study tour of the factory.
A staff of winery would explain about the process of preparation, fermentation, and bottling in 20 minutes.
You can enjoy wine and learn about the wine at the same time!
If you are a driver or a child under 20 years old… there is grape juice ready for you to try!

[ Information ] Fujikko Winery
9am to 5pm
(Closed on 29th Dec to 4th Jan)
2770-1 Shimoiwasaki katsunuma-cho, kosyu-shi Yamanashi
■TEL: +81-553-44-3181
■URL: http://www.fujiclairwine.jp/index.html
■E-mail: fujiclair@fujiclairwine.jp
Nearest station: JR Katsunuma Budogo station
10 minutes by taxi

Kosyu wine  Winery in Yamanashi