[Today’s Japanese food: “Undou-kai Bento” ]

“Undou-kai Bento”1

Today’s Japanese food is “Undou-kai Bento” (lunch box in sports day).
We eat “Undou-kai Bento” at “Undou-kai”. “Undou-kai” is a sport event done in Japanese schools and areas.

For “Undou-kai”, Japanese mothers cook “Undou-kai Bento” for the lunch time. Unlike an everyday “Bento” (lunch box), all mothers fired up to make a “Bento” on that day.

As for the side dish to put in the “Bento”, many things are put inside the box. It is popular among children, and it is things which children can eat immediately.

The representative of foods are, “onigiri” (rice ball), “karaage” (Japanese fried chicken), “inarizushi”, “tamagoyaki” (Japanese omelet), sandwiches, meats, vegetables, fruits and so on.

Mothers of the hard worker prepare the “Bento” decorated like the TV character from a previous day.
It is one of the powerful charm of the “Undou-kai” to make an “Undou-kai Bento” cutely gorgeously.

“Undou-kai Bento”2  “Character Bento”  Lots of fruits for “Undou-kai Bento”.