[ “Chocolate sweets” Japanese delicious sweets 2nd @ convenience stores ]

3 types of chocolate cakes.

Hi, everyone!
It’s kind of sudden, do you like chocolate?
I love chocolates!!

As I love chocolates so much, I tend to buy chocolate sweets at convenience stores or at supermarkets every day!

Well, I want to introduce some my recommended chocolate sweets. You can buy it at each convenience stores in Japan.① “Gateau au chocolat” (Straight chocolate cream) at 7-11 (Seven-eleven) store.
It is basic goods of Seven-Eleven. It’s taste like the brownie, but the taste is soft. Because it uses the straight chocolate.
So it is delicious, lots of people are to be captured in this sweets.

② “Devils chocolate cake” at Family mart store.
This chocolate cake have three levels, the heavy taste that puts a source, the mousse and the gateau chocolate of heavy chocolate. It is the sweetest in three sweets to introduce here. It is loved sweets for everyone.

③ “Premium chocolate roll cake” at Lawson store.
It is moderate sweetness chocolate cream. The sponge is moistened. This sweet has many fans too. There is also the ice cream type, it’s “Premium chocolate roll”. This roll cake have a full ice cream inside.

It is up to here this time.
Next time I will introduce you, my recommended sweets again.
Don’t miss it!

“Gateau au chocolat (Straight chocolate cream)” at 7-11 (Seven-eleven).  “Devils chocolate cake” at Family mart. “Premium chocolate roll cake” at Lawson.