[ Today’s Japanese food: “Eki-Ben” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Eki-Ben”.
“Eki-Ben” is a lunchbox. It is sold for the railway passengers in the station and on the train.
It is only sold at station (especially at big station) or in the train. So it is called “Eki” (station) and “Ben” (Bento, lunch box)”.
“Eki-Ben” is very popular so that there is a specialty store where you can buy “Eki-Ben” in the station yard.
In Japan, it is one of the pleasure of the trip by train to eat this “Eki-Ben” in the train. But of course, you can take out and eat it at your home, too.

This time, I ate “Tako-meshi” (bought it at Tokyo station).
“Tako-meshi” is a dish that octopus is inside the “Takikomi-gohan” (rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients).
It is sold in a container which is likened to an octopus trap pot.
“Eki-Ben” is used by a lunch boxes of various form, and there is the person who gather the containers as a memory of the trips.

There is a “Eki-Ben” sold only in each station. When you go to the area except Tokyo, please look for it!
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[ Information ] “Eki-Ben” shop “Matsuri” @ Tokyo Station
Open throughout the year
1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■URL: http://www.nre.co.jp/ekiben/tabid/231/stoid/609/brnid/66/Default.aspx (Only Japanese)
JR Tokyo station (inside barrier) Central street 1F

Octopus is inside.  There are various kind of "Eki-ben". The shop of "Eki-ben", "Matsuri".