[ Today’s Japanese food: “Mochi” (Rice cake) ]

Today’s Japanese food is “Mochi” (Rice cake).
It is not actually a cake you know. “Mochi” is made of glutinous rice.
To make “Mochi”, you knead the glutinous rice well, and molded as the shape of square or circle.
We can eat the “Mochi” through out the year, but almost of Japanese eat it in the New Year’s holiday in Japan.
“Mochi” can be eaten by baking it or by boiling it. In New Year’s day, we often eat it as a “Zo-ni” (rice cakes boiled with vegetables and meat).
But also you can bake “Mochi” in an oven.
How to eat “Mochi”:
By baking “Mochi”, you can eat it with “shouyu” (soy sauce) and rolled in toasted seaweed (We call this “Isobe-yaki”).
You can also eat fresh pounded “Mochi” with toping the grated “daikon” (white radish) and “shouyu” (We call this “Karami-mochi”).
Or you can eat it with “Kinako” (soybean flour) and “Kuro-mitsu” (brown sugar syrup) to your liking (We call this “Kinako-mochi”).
I recommend you the “Karami-Mochi”!
In other, there is the menu to eat baking “Mochi” with the “Udon”. It’s called “Chikara-udon”.
Although, I think there is “Mochi” also in your country.
I am interested that the way of eating “Mochi” is different by the country!