[ Today’s Japanese Food: “Tokoroten” ]

"Tokoroten" with vinegar sauce and "aonori" (green dried seaweed).

Today’s Japanese food is “Tokoroten”.

“Tokoroten” (gelidium jelly) is a food made from Rhodophyta.
At first we boiled Rhodophyta such as “tengusa” seaweed or “ogorino” seaweed to dissolve it. And we cool it, so “Tokoroten” is hardened.
Then “Tokoroten” is placed in a device called “tentsuki” which squeezes out and cuts the “Tokoroten” into thin. So it shapes like noodles!!. It is the completed.

About “Tokoroten”, 98-99% of the entirety consists of water, and the most of the remaining ingredient are polysaccharides (galactan).
It is a gelatinous object, but the surface is felt to be slightly firm unlike jelly.

From Kanto to the north and from Chugoku district to the west, we eat “Tokoroten” with “wagarashi” (Japanese mustard) and mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar are added.
In Kansai, “Kuromitsu” (black syrup) or fruits are added.

“Tokoroten” is said to be the diet product, and has only about 2kcal/100g.

Because it tastes sour, we often eat it in summer to prevent the summer heat fatigue.

In Kansai, "Tokoroten" with "Kuromitsu".  "Tokoroten" has very little taste. Sauce is must.