[ “Hato-Sable” ~Happy yellow bird~@Kamakura / Kanagawa]

Main store of "Hato-sable".

Hello, every one! How are you doing?
Today I would like to introduce the popular sweets “Hato-sable” as a Japanese souvenir.
“Hato” means dove, and “sable” is the shortbread. It is the dove shaped sable. Taste of the sable is like simple cookie.
“Hato-sable” was born in Kamakura. It was born in the Japanese confectionery shop, “Toshima-ya”.
The start was that the founder of “Toshima-ya” got a biscuit from a foreigner. From that experience, he thought that he want to make the biscuit for Japanese children.
He wanted to make something with “dove” as a motif, in those days. He designed the cutting dies of the “Hato-sable” then. The cutting dies is still used today, without changing it’s design.
The sweet has continued being loved for about 120 years.
At the main store in Kamakura near by the “Tsurugaoka Hachimangu”, the goods of “Hato-sable” are sold now. They are so cute!
A dove is a symbol of peace in Japan.
If there’s a meaning (“hope of peace”) in the name of “Hato-sable”, it is wonderful.

[ Information ] Kamakura “Toshima-ya” (Main store)
■Open: 9a.m.-7p.m.
Close: Every Wednesday
2-11-19 Ko-machi,Kamakura-city,Kanagawa
■TEL: +81-467-25-0810
■URL: https://www.hato.co.jp/index.html (Only Japanese)
5 minute walk from the JR Kamakura station

The shape of dove is cute.  The goods ("Hato-collection") are only sold at main store.  Please purchase the rare goods for souvenirs.