[ The Japanese food: “ODEN” ]

Homely "Oden".

Today’s Japanese food is “ODEN”.
“ODEN” is one of the Japanese boiled foods. It is the Japanese winter pot dish from old days.
The ingredient of the “ODEN” is almost “tsuyu” (a soup made by “dashi” and “shoyu”), “daikon” (Japanese white radish), “kon-nyaku” (yam cake), “han-pen” (boiled flat fish cake), “chikuwa” (browned fish cake), “ni-tamago” (simmered egg) and so on. In some regions or home, the ingredient of the “ODEN” is a wide variety. We often eat “ODEN” with ”karashi” (Japanese mustard).
“ODEN” stands begin to open when it is winter. Many office workers stop by on their way home. “ODEN” and “Sake” (Japanese wine) are compatible!
I recommended!!
You can eat “ODEN” at “izakaya” (Japanese-style bar) too.
And also you can take out it at convenience store.
“ODEN” is the Japanese food which is indispensable in winter.
Please try slightly strange ingredients!

“Daikon” (Japanese radish), “Ni-tamago” (simmered egg), ”Satsuma-age”(Deep-fry fish paste and vegetable).  Variety of "ODEN" ingredients. Slightly strange ingredients (doll shaped sausage)!