[ Japanese word “MISO” ]

"White MISO", "Red MISO", and "Wheat MISO".

Today’s word is “MISO”.
“MISO” is one of the basic Japanese seasoning.
It made from soybeans, salt, malt and fermenting rice, then fermented them.
Also, eating “MISO” is good for regulating your bowel movements.
The taste is little salty, so we often used as a seasoning of soup.
Such as “Miso-soup” and “Miso-ramen”, they are famous Japanese “MISO” cook.
Do you know that the type of “MISO” is different in western Japan and eastern Japan?
Western Japan: White-MISO, light salty taste.
Eastern Japan: Red-MISO, strong salty taste.
Please taste different MISO flavor in Japan!

"MISO", to-fu and soy sauce, they are made from soybeans.  "MISO" and Soybeans.