[ Today’s Japanese food: “Ebi fry” ]

"Ebi fry" dish.

Do you know the “Ebi fry”?
It is a dish which fried prawn in a large quantity of edible oil.

It is one of the cutlet dishes which is developed in Japan.
It is a representative of “Yousyoku” ( Western style Japanese dish).

As for the material of the fried prawn, “Kuruma ebi” (Japanese tiger prawn) are used mainly in the high quality shop.
Generally, many shops and families use the cheaper black tiger prawn.

When you make a fried prawn, take vein of a prawns, and it is basic to extend the back side not to curl up.
Then, coat the stretched prawn with flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs in that order, and deep-fry it in hot cooking oil.
It is said that coat it twice if you want to make up it plump.

There are some restaurants and stores that cook the whole prawn without removing the head.

The fried prawn is often eaten by putting something to flavor it, such as Worcester sauce, lemon juice, tartar sauce, soy sauce, or tomato ketchup.

It is basic popular “Yousyoku” from a child to an adult.

Whole prawn "Ebi fry".  It is juicy and thick. General type "Ebi fry" with tartar sauce.