[ Japanese delicious sweets @ convenience stores The first “Sweets of the strawberry” ]

“Ichigo Daifuku”

Hello, everyone.
In January of Japan, a day to shiver with cold continues.
And cold time of Japan is harvest time of “Ichigo” (strawberries).
It depends on the kind of the strawberry, it is harvested mainly from December through April. And you can eat it just as it, or it is processed for dessert.

This time, I would like to introduce the strawberry flavor sweets @ Japanese convenience store.

1) “Ichigo Daifuku”
Normally, “Ichigo Daifuku” is the sweet that rice cakes stuffed with a strawberry and “anko” (sweetened red bean paste).
But this times “Ichigo Daifuku” is stuffed with whip cream, strawberry, and the sponge. It tastes like the strawberry cake.
And it’s delicious!

2) “Ichigo crepe” (strawberry crepe)
Originally the dough for crepe was made in France, but became popular as a dessert in Japan.
This time, I introduce you the crepe which whip cream, strawberry and custard are inside. It’s delicious too!

In this time, I will only introduce for two kinds.
At the next opportunity, I would like to introduce other types of convenience store sweets.

Don’t miss it!

[ Information ] Today’s convenience store sweets are from;
1) “Ichigo Daifuku” from “7-Eleven”
2) “Ichigo crepe” from “Family mart”

■Open: 24 hours/ Open throughout the year.

■Address: You can purchase it in convenience stores throughout the country.
*There may not be a case handling the sweets, or may be sold out.

1) 7-Eleven: http://www.sej.co.jp/in/index.html
2) Family mart: http://www.family.co.jp/english/

1) 7-Eleven Japan: https://www.facebook.com/711.SEJ/?fref=ts (Only in Japanese)
2) Family mart: https://www.facebook.com/familymart.japan/?fref=ts (Only in Japanese)

Stuffed with whip cream, strawberry, and a sponge.  “Ichigo crepe”  The strawberry is sweet and is delicious!