[Today’s Japanese Food : “Motsunabe” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Motsunabe”.
Giblets are internal organs of meat of chicken, pork and beef, and it’s so-called hormone. “Motsunabe” is a kind of hot pot. It is cooked with the giblets of beef or pork (in particular, small intestine), Chinese chive, cabbage and garlic. It is seasoned either with soy sauce or “Miso” (fermented soybean paste). We can enjoy the soup and the ingredients.
In Fukuoka, another name is “A doctor doesn’t need.”. Because it has high protein with low in calories and includes much vitamin.
It was said that “Motsunabe” had started in Fukuoka city, soon after the end of the war. And around 1992, a “Motsunabe” restaurant in Hakata moves to Tokyo.
Now, we can eat “Motsunabe” all over Japan. And it also became to the basic menu at “izakaya” (Japanese pub).
Japan has various kinds of hot pot food. But the best part of all hot pot food is how to enjoy the end of hot pot food.
After eating main ingredients of them, we usually add rice or noodles in those soup which has the really nice stock from every kind of ingredients. And we can enjoy eating the rice or noodle which are soaked the soup up.
In Fukuoka prefecture, at the end of their loving “Motsunabe”, they generally enjoy “champon noodles” with sesame.

"Hormone" (Giblets) in "Motsunabe"  At the end of "Motsunabe", we enjoy "champon noodles".