[ “Ringo ame” : Sweets of the Japanese stand ]


“Ringo ame” (candy apple) is kinds of apple sweet.
Whole apples are covered in sugar candy, with a stick inserted as a handle.

It had transmitted from the United States.
Now, it became the basic sweets of the festival in Japan.

It is sold exclusively at fairs or the festivals. And there is not the thing eaten routinely.

How to make “Ringo ame”:
0) Insert a stick to an apple.
1) Heat sugar and water. When sugar melted, put in food coloring such as red or green.
2) After it’s colored, coating the apple with the sugar candy.
3) Put down the “Ringo ame” on to a copper sheet or the frying pan and cool it.
Candy hardens, it’s ready to eat!!

You can enjoy both taste of an apple and the candy

"Ringo ame" is sold at festivals.  Variety colors of "Ringo ame". You can eat at the "Ringo ame" stand.