[ “Oirase Keiryu” / Towada at Aomori ]

"Oirase Keiryu" (Oirase mountain stream).

Today, I introduce “Oirase Keiryu” (Oirase mountain stream).
It is located in the “Towada Hachimantai National Park”. It is the only river that flows out of Lake Towada.
The flow about 14km is called “Oirase Keiryu” from the “Nenokuchi” to “Yakeyama” of Lake “Towada”.

The mountain stream is a scenic spot throughout the four seasons.
Along the mountain stream, there is a promenade of several.
This is an important stroll point of tourism at Lake Towada.

The popular tourist spots in “Choshi Otaki” is the only waterfall in “Oirase Keiryu”. It is seven meters high, width of 20 meters.
It is popular with many people.

In the “Oirase Keiryu”, water is very pure.
So, you can find the “Iwana” (Char) to live only in the clear stream.

In addition, you might meet a “antelope” of natural monument along the mountain stream.

Here is a lot of impression for you!

[ Information ] “Oirase Keiryu” (Oirase mountain stream)
486 Towadakohan-Yasumiya, Okuse, Towada, Aomori
■TEL: +81-176-75-2425
■URL: http://towadako.or.jp/towadako-oirase/
About 3 hours by JR bus from “JR Aomori Station” or “Shin-Aomori Station” or “Hachinohe Station”

"Choshi-otaki"  "Iwana" "antelope"