[ YOUJI-YA cafe Ginkakuji branch – historical landscape and speciality rest space @ Kyoto ]

"matcha cappuccino"

If you will feel the Japanese traditional culture, there are some cute Japanese-style cafe in Kyoto. Many tourist, especially many ladies enjoy resting in the cafes.

Among them, “YOUJI-YA cafe” near “Ginkakuji” is most lovely and popular. This coffee shop was founded by “YOUJI-YA”. “YOUJI-YA” is most popular as cosmetic tools in Kyoto. The beautiful “Maiko” and “Geiko” are using traditional Kyoto cosmetics made by “YOUJI-YA”. And one of famous souvenir in Kyoto is “Aburatori-gami” made by “YOUJI-YA”. It is oil blotting paper.

This cafe is best rest place, after you walk the emotional landscape of the promenade, named “Tetsugakuno-michi”. In this cafe, you are able to change the mood.

This cafe is symbolic Kyoto building, and has Japanese garden. So you can see traditional garden from large windows in the wide tatami room.

We suggest “matcha cappuccino”! Shop staff decorates the coffee with the picture of cute girl, it is the character of “YOUJI-YA”. The picture is drawn by the moss green tea powder. And you will take pictures by camera.

[ Information ] YOUJI-YA cafe Ginkakuji branch
10:00~18:00 / 365 days
15 Hounen-in cho , Shishigatani , Sakyo-ku dist. Kyoto, Kyoto.
■TEL: +81-75-754-0017
You get on the bus on “Kyoto station”.
And you get off in “Ginkakuji-mae bus stop”.

"matcha cappuccino" and Japanese sweets  YOUJI-YA cafe traditional Japanese garden  This cafe is symbolic Kyoto building.