[ “Siretoko-Goko” (Five lakes) @Hokkaido ]

Spring “Shiretoko-Goko”.

“Shiretoko” has been registered as a World Heritage Site about ten years ago. “Shiretoko” is a main event of the eastern Hokkaido sightseeing.

“Shiretoko-Goko” is maintained to experience nature of “Shiretoko”, it is must-see.

There are two ways for seeing.
1)The elevated tree way (free).
It becomes accessible to even the bad foot elderly, a wheelchair, and stroller.

2)The promenade on the ground (a charge).
I recommend the promenade on the ground which you can take a walk through.

You can feel magnificent nature seeing the virgin forests from the walk way. And you see the “Shiretoko Mountains” in the distance .
From spring to summer, you can see “Yezo deer” occasionally grazes grass across in the very front. And you discover the trace that a brown bear scratched at a tree.

Wonderful surprise waits you!!

[ Information ] “Shiretoko-Goko”
■Open: From the end of April to the end of November
(The opening time varies according to seasons )
Hokkaido Shiretoko National Park, Shari-cho, Hokkaido
■TEL: +81-15-224-3323
■URL: http://www.goko.go.jp/english/
1)By car: 180km (3 hours 30 minutes) from “Kushiro Airport”. 20 minutes from “Utoro”.
2)By train and bus:
The nearest station is JR “Shiretoko-shari” Station.
Ride for about one and a half hours on the “Shiretoko Line” from “Shari bus terminal”, and get off at the “Siretoko-Goko” bus stop.

Summer “Shiretoko-Goko”.  Autumn “Shiretoko-Goko”. Autumn to Winter “Shiretoko-Goko”.  You can see "Yezo deer" around the lake.