[“Fucha cuisine” in Kanga-an temple / Kyoto]

"Fucha cuisine"1

You can enjoy Kyoto traditional cuisine. “Shojin-ryori” is the famous of cuisines. “Fucha cuisine” is mixed “Shojin-ryori” with China cuisine.

Kyoto cuisine is almost brilliant. It is jumped into your eyes and hearts. “Fucha-cuisine” is hidden opportunities. Your guidebooks or internet information have listed “Vegetarian cuisine” “Kaiseki cuisine”, famous Kyoto traditional cuisine. You are eating delicious and healthy.

“Fucha-cuisine” is used the five colors representing the universe! Japanese chef uses a variety of eatable oil.
Technology that is very colorful in appearance, decorating is the same as high-quality restaurant. They cook the materials chosen healthy for body from ancient times.
We suggest that you take the lunch or dinner while watching the beautiful “Zen” garden. The different from “Shojin-cuisine”, there are big table surrounded by everyone and eat lively and happily. It is one of the methods from China.

“Kanga-an” temple is a temple of Oubaku Buddhism. Oubaku Buddha sect is a relatively new Zen sect. It was entered into Japan during the Edo period.
We can eat “Fucha-cuisine” in there. But the reservation is required before 3 days.

[Information] Kanga-an temple
■Open (in required reservation):
278 Shin-goryou-guchi, Kita-ku, Kyoto.
■TEL: +81-75-256-2480
3 minutes walking from Kyoto subway “Karasuma-line” “Kurama-guchi station”.

"Fucha cuisine"2  "Fucha cuisine"3 the beautiful "Zen" garden  Kanga-an temple