[ IWATE vol.2 – Japanese prefecture introduction – No.3 ]

"Chuson-ji" Temple

On Wednesday, I introduce several specially products, famous places and more.

1) “Chuson-ji Temple Konjiki-do” (Golden Hall)
Chuson-ji Temple is one of the famous tourist spots in IWATE.
Chuson-ji temple was built in 1124. “Konjiki-do” (Golden Hall) is designated the world heritage. And both inside and outside of this hall is covered with gold leaf.
Also the scenery around “Konjiki-do” changes every season, such as autumn leaves and snow. It is very beautiful.

2) “Ishiwari sakura”
“Ishiwari sakura” is cherry blossom which grow from big rock cracks. It is 1.5 meter in diameter and 360 years old.
It was designated National natural treasure in 1923. It is located in area of district court 15 minutes from Morioka station.
This cherry blossom is rare type, if you come near please visit here.

3) “Ryusen-do” cave
“Ryusen-do” cave is a stalactite cave in Iwaizumi-cho. Its total length is about 3, 600m.
The water of “Ryusen-do” cave is famous by being proud of eminent degree of clearness in the world. The lake bottom called “The dragon blue” is the beauty of bright blue, it is impressed!

I’m pleased that this article is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Ishiwari sakura  Ryusen-do cave