[ “Gion Festival” @ Kyoto ]

The float of "Gion Festival"

“Gion festival” is one of the most famous and historical Japanese festival.

This festival has been known to around the world. Its climax is a parade of over 20 decorated floats on every July 17th.
This floats have a secret. It is that these floats are built in only a tree rope without one nails assembled. After the festival is ended, it is resolved, we have continued to use repeatly every year.
The assembled of it is started from around July 10. It will take place in the center of Kyoto.

You see well some arts. It is the so fine carvings and the hanging floats. There are multiplied by the decorated curtain that has been handed down.
You look some and more difference between all floats. It will be 12 tons of large spear. The figure is said to gorgeous. It is called “moving museum”.

[ Information ] GION FESTIVEL – enjoy watching with many eyes
15th, 16th and 17th JULY
Around central district business and culture of Kyoto city
■TEL: +81-75-708-5001 (Exhibition room for Kyoto intangible cultural heritage)
Very near of Hankyu-line “Karasuma station” or “Kawaramachi station”.

People assemble the float.  They have continued to use repeatly every year It is built in only a tree rope!  the so fine carvings and the hanging