[ The Clock Tower of Sapporo-shi @ Hokkaido ]

The Clock Tower of Sapporo-shi @ Hokkaido

“The Clock Tower” (“Sapporo-shi Tokeidai”) is one of the symbol tower of Hokkaido. It was built in 1878 by William Smith Clark. At first, it was used for the trainings and ceremonies of Sapporo agricultural school.
After the school was moved, Sapporo-ku got this tower.

In 2009, it was authorized as “the Mechanical Heritage” by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. And this tower is famous for the precious cultural property now.

Its clock is moved by some weights, not by electricity or batteries, and the structure has not been changed except for consumables.
The history of this tower is displayed at the 1st floor. And at 2nd floor, we can see the same style of clock which is used for this tower.

This tower is illuminated from evening, so we can enjoy the different tower from noon. This illuminated tower is also popular among many people.

[ Information ] A Clock Tower of Sapporo-shi (“Sapporo-shi Tokeidai”)
■Open: 8:45~17:10(You can enter until 17:00)
Irregular holiday
kita-1, jhou-nishi-2chou-me, Chuou-ku, Sapporo-shi
■TEL: +81-11-231-0838
■URL: http://sapporoshi-tokeidai.jp/
10 minute walk from “Sapporo station”.
5 minute walk from “O-dori station”.

The Clock Tower of Sapporo-shi at night  The front of The Clock Tower of Sapporo-shi at the evening