[ Nanzen-ji temple / Kyoto ]

a lot of colored leaves "Momiji"

Nanzen-ji temple is now a very famous temple all over the world. The garden is famous and you can walk around the historical heritages in there.
This temple is often used in the cinema and TV drama scene. There are especially frequently used “Suiro-kaku” (waterway). It was built in red brick referred to as waterway. This building has been used for drinking water for Kyoto citizens and agriculture.

You are able to think during walking in the path, the large garden of Nanzen-ji temple which is covered with fresh forest. And this waterway is the nostalgic atmosphere with the landscape of the deep forest.

And there is the “Sanmon” (Main Gate). It is one of the Kyoto largest gate. It is used in the cinema and drama scenes. Temple gate is appeared in the Edo era of “Kabuki”.
In the spring, a lot of colored leaves “Momiji” are planted, and cherry blossoms in the precincts.
In spring and fall, it is very crowded in a lot of tourists.

[ Information ] Nanzen-ji temple
8:40~17:00 (Dec, Jan and Feb is close at 16:30)
Nanzenji-Fukuchi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-771-0365
10 minutes walking from Kyoto subway “Tozai-line” “Keage station”.

"Sanmon" with colored leaves "Momiji"  Main building "Suiro-kaku" (waterway)  "Sanmon" (Main Gate)