[“Atsumi Onsen Rose Park” @ Yamagata]

a beautiful Rose

Would you like to see a beautiful Rose park in “Onsen” (hot spring) district in Atsumi, Tsuruoka city in Yamagata?

This rose park was created in 1962. Since then, this park has been preserved by local residents and maintained for about 50 years. There are about 3000 roses in this park, which boasts about 90 varieties of this famous flower. So you can enjoy many kinds of roses here, such as those with yellow, white, light pink red and blue colored flowers. These roses bloom from June to October. About June, it is probably best time to see them!

This rose park is nestled in the hills of Atsumi, so you have to climb some steps to arrive there. From this location, you can enjoy not only roses but also the view of Atsumi Onsen district too. If you visit the garden at around 17:00 or 18:00, you should be able to enjoy the roses alongside a beautiful sunset. Also, at this time, it is usually very quiet, and neither too hot nor too crowded, so I recommend the evening as a good to go!

How about visiting this beautiful rose park with your friends, family and your partner or by yourself? You will have a very relaxing time in this quiet rose park and ambient hot springs!

[ Information ] Atsumi Onsen Rose Park
■Admission: For free
■Open: from June to October.
306 Yuastumi Kou, Tsuruoka city, Yamagata, Japan
■TEL: +81-235-43-3547
■E-mail: info@atsumi-spa.or.jp
■Access: Nearest station: “Atsumi Onsen station”.
About 7 minutes by taxi from “Atsumi Onsen station”.

Atsumi Onsen Rose Park  The entrance of Atsumi Onsen Rose Park.  You can enjoy not only roses but also the view of Atsumi Onsen district too.