[ Traditional and soulful pickles “TSUKEMONO” / Kyoto ]


There is Japanese pickles “Tsukemono” as most popular souvenir in Kyoto. And especially, “Kirara-zuke” is very good souvenir. Because you will be satisfied with this taste and texture.

“Tsukemono” is maintained almost home made as preserved food. Some of them are made by fresh vegetables and salt. But “Kirara-zuke” is so unique thing to soak in the white “Miso”, soy materials. In Kyoto, usually they use White “Miso” everyday. And “Kirara-zuke” is made from eggplant and cucumber. White “Miso” is characterized in sweetness than other some kind of Miso. We eat “Kirara-zuke” with rice.

You can buy “Kirara-zuke” in only “Honode”. It is located in Sakyo-ku dist. It is established from 320 years ago.
You buy and try Japanese traditional preserved food in “Honode”. Four seasons you can enjoy walking and trekking, and go to the “Honode”.

[Information] “Kirara-zuke” Honode
9:00~17:00 everyday
43 Tanida-cho, Ichijo-ji , Sakyo-ku dist. Kyoto-city.
■TEL: +81-75-781-5023
Get off “Eizan railways” “Icijo-ji station”.

"Kirara-zuke" is so unique thing to soak in the white "Miso".  The garden of Honode Honode