[ Jisso-in Temple @ Kyoto ]

beautiful landscape of colored leaves

Northern Kyoto area is called “Rakuhoku”. It is popular as subtle, profound and tranquility area all over four seasons. This famous area has another name “Iwakura”.
Jisso-in temple is located. This temple has wonderful scenery of the four seasons.

In early summer , you can feel some winds from “Yuka-green”. The floors are satisfied with green woods and leaves.
In fall and autumn, we are surprised with beautiful landscape of colored leaves “Yuka momiji”.
In winter, there is “Sekka-sho” or “Yuki-yuka”. The gardens are covered with powder snow in cold morning. Then, the floor of temple is very cleanly polished such as mirrors.

“Jisso-in” has two gardens. One is a landscape garden that was built up cooperated into part of the garden with backdrop of “Hiei-zan”, famous temple and mountain Hiei.
Beautiful gardens and polished floors are made your memories!

[ Information ] Jisso-in Temple
121 Agura-cho, Iwakura Sakyo-ku dist. Kyoto-city Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-781-5464
You go to “Kyoto-subway Karasuma-line” “Kokusai-kaikan station”.
And you get on the Kyoto-bus to “Jisso-in”, you get off final stop.

"Yuka-green"  Jisso-in Temple colored leaves  landscape garden  the garden with backdrop of "Hiei-zan"