[ “Spa Resort Hawaiians” @ Iwaki ]

Hula dance shows

“Spa Resort Hawaiians Iwaki” is a theme park with pools, spas, Hula and fire dance shows. It became famous because of the Japanese film named “Hula Girls”.

Let me show you their history in short. Once their town was prospered as a town of coal mine. But it went into decline after the energy comversion from coal to gas. Everyone disappointed, but Mr. Nakamura who was the founder of it never gave up. He decided to build up the small-Hawaii in there.
In difficult situation with neither dance experiences nor understanding from the surroundings, young women tried to become Hula dancers. You can see some parts of their history in there museum. Tools and some parts of Hula dance and fire dance were displayed.

And you can enjoy with shows on the stage beside the pools. If you buy S-class tickets, you can even dance with dancers on the stage. The seat of S-class is all reserved. So you can enjoy swimming in the pool before the show starts.
If you use open-seat (without additional fees), I recommend you to seat at least 1 to 2 hours before the show starts .

To fully enjoy this Hawaiians, I recommend to stay at the Hotel Hawaiians. In hotel, with quite and no skyscraper surroundings, you can see starry sky if it is sunny, and have a good rest to continue your trip.

[ Information ] “Spa Resort Hawaiians”
Weekdays: 9:30~22:15
Weekends and holidays:9:00~22:15
50 Warabidaira, Jyoban-Fujiwara-town, Iwaki-city, Fukushima
■TEL: +81-570-550-550
■URL: http://www.hawaiians.co.jp/
Reservation: yoyaku@hawaiians.co.jp
Others: info@hawaiians.co.jp
Nearest station is JR “Jyoban line” “Yumoto station”.
10 ~ 15 minutes riding a taxi or taking a bus to “Hawaiians” operated by “Shin Jyoban Kotsu”.

the Hotel Hawaiians  big pools in the hall