[Suwa Taisha @ Suwa in Nagano Pref.]

Suwa taisha "Kamisha honmiya"

This year, there is a shrine that hold a big festival.
The name of the shrine is “Suwa Taisha”.

“Suwa Taisha” is a shrine with a precinct area of four locations around of Lake Suwa.
Four Shinto shrines are called “Kamisha Hongu”, “kamisha Maemiya”, “Shimosha Harumiya”, “Shimosha Akimiya” each.

This shrines are “Suwa Shrine Headquarters” all over the Japan. It is one of the oldest shrines in Japan.

The feature of “Suwa Taisha” doesn’t have a building which called the “honden” (main shrine).
Instead, “AkiMiya” is the tree of yew as a sacred tree. “Harumiya” is the tree of cedar as a sacred tree. And “Kamisha” is the mountain as object of worship the “Oyama”.

“Suwa Myojin” was God of bumper crops in the guardian of the wind, and water.
Also it been widely faith as a god of valor, many people visit the shrine.

At “Suwa Taisha”, there is a festival called “Onbashira”, this is the largest event in Suwa area.

Formally it is named as the “Shikinen Zouei Onbashira Matsuri”.
This festival is “Nagano Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural heritage”.
In addition, it is one of the Japan’s three biggest strange festivals.

This festival is a festival to replace the main pillar of the shrine.
First, it cuts out the big tree of the fir for “Onbashira” from the mountains.
And they pull it to four places of Suwa-jinja Shrine and to build in the four sides of the main shrine.
It is a heroic big festival!!
This Onbashira festival takes place every seven years (more precisely, a full 6-year intervals).
This “Onbashira” is very brave, and it will be attention from all over Japan!

Tomorrow, we will send you a video of the famous scene!

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[ Information ] <Kamisha Honmiya>
〒 392-0015
1 Miyayama, Nakasu, Suwa City, Nagano
■TEL: +81-266-52-1919

<Kamisha Maemiya>
〒 391-0013
2030 Miyakawa, Chino City, Nagano
■TEL: +81-266-72-1606

<Shomosha Akimiya>
〒 393-0000
5828 Shiosuwamachi, Suwa, Nagano
■TEL: +81-266-27-8035

<Shomosha Harumiya>
〒 393-0000
193 Shiosuwamachi, Suwa, Nagano
■TEL: +81-266-27-8316
all shrine: regular holiday None
■URL: http://suwataisha.or.jp/index.html
Shimosha AkiMiya & Harumiya’s nearest station : JR “Shimosuwa” Station
Kamisha Motomiy & Maemiya’s nearest station : JR “Chino” Station

Suwa taisha "Shimosha Akimiya"  Shimosha honmiya's "Ichi no Onbashira"  Shimosha Akimiya's Hot Spring !