[Sanjya Matsuri @ “Asakusa Shrine” in Tokyo ]

portable shrines of parishioners in ”Sanjya matsuri”

The “Sanjya Matsuri” is the festival that takes place in the “Asakusa Shrine” in Tokyo in May every year.

The history of “Sanja Matsuri” has 700 years tradition.
It is loved as a festival of the early summer of Tokyo.

The visitor of “Sanjya Matsuri” is about 1.5 million people for three days.
They see the sights or participate it.

The “Asakusa Shrine” has 3 portable shrines.
Because “Asakusa-Shrine” is worshiped three God.
The name of three portable shrines are “Ichinomiya”, “Ninomiya,” “Sannomiya” respectively.

In the festival, when transferred three God to each portable shrine, and then it will proceed to the town of Asakusa.

This festival is anyway lively.

[ Information ] “Asakusa Shrine”
No regular holiday
2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3844-1575
■URL: http://www.asakusajinja.jp/english/
5-minute walk from “Tobu Asakusa Station” or Tokyo Metro “Asakusa Station”.

portable shrines of "Ichinomiya"  They participated in the "Sanja Matsuri" A dog participate, too!