[“Nezu Shrine” @ Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo]

Torii, the entrance of "Nezu Shrine"

“Nezu Shrine” was enshrined in the “Sendagi” 1900 years ago by “Yamato-Takeru-no-mikoto” (He is one of the old Japanese man).

After that, it was transferred to a current location by Tsunayoshi Tokugawa (Fifth Dynasties Shogun in Edo era).

Main hall and many gate are present from 1706.

This shrine has been certified as a designated important cultural property of Japan.

“Nezu Shrine” has a history of over 300 years. It has the attractions of the azalea.

In about 660㎡ of azalea garden, there are about 100 species 3000 of azalea.
From April to early May every year, “Azalea Festival” is held in “Nezu Shrine”.
During the period of “Azalea Festival”, garden plants market, antique market and stalls will open.

In the precincts of “Nezu Shrine”, “Otome Inari Shrine” has “Senbon Torii” (it means a thousand torii gates).

“Senbon Torii” passes through from the north to the south, it is said “good comes”.

You can refresh in the solemn atmosphere of “Nezu Shrine”.

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[ Information ] “Nezu Shrine”
9:00 ~ 17:00
No regular holiday
1-28-9 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3822-0753
■URL: http://www.nedujinja.or.jp/index.html
■E-mail: webmaste@nedujinja.or.jp
5-minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line “Nezu Station” or “Sendagi Station”.
5-minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line “Todai Station”.

About 660㎡ of azalea garden  "Senbon Torii" (it means thousands of torii gates) "Nezu Shrine" 's Romon (Tower gate)
東京都文京区根津1丁目28-9 根津神社