[Today’s “Sakura” spot-7 ” Shizukuishi area & Koiwai area @ Iwate Prefecture]

There are about 150 cherry blossom trees in "Shizukuishi-gawa Enchi garden".

Today’s famous “Sakura” spot is “Shizukuishi” area & “Koiwai” area @ Iwate Prefecture.

At First, “Shizukuishi” area.
We introduce the “Shizukuishi-gawa Enchi garden”.
“Shizukuishi-gawa Enchi garden” is the name of the Shizukuishi River’s levee in the south of JR “Shizukuishi Station”. There are about 150 cherry blossom trees. If you climb the levee, you can see cherry blossoms at the height of your eyes.
About 200 “Koi nobori” (carp streamers) are decorated in the period when cherry blossoms bloom.

Next, “Koiwai” area.
We introduce the “One cherry tree of Koiwai farm”. There is only one cherry tree in Koiwai farm.
It is very wonderful if it becomes full blossom. It is said that the tree was planted about 100 years ago.
The kind of the cherry tree is “Edo higan”. It is a majestic size of about 20 m in height.

[Information -①] “Shizukuishi-gawa Enchi garden”
Shizukuishikawa garden, Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate Pref.
No regular holiday
■TEL: +81-19-692-5138
■URL: http://shizukuishi-kanko.gr.jp/
By car : 25 minutes from “Tohoku” highway “Morioka” IC.
By train : About 5 minutes walking from JR “Shizukuishi” Station.

[ Information -②] Koiwai Farm
Koiwai farm, 36-1 Maruyachi Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate Pre.
About 9:00 ~ 16:30 (closed in winter)
No regular holiday
■TEL: + 81-19-692-4321
■URL: http://www.koiwai.co.jp/makiba/
By car : 15 minutes from “Tohoku” highway “Morioka” IC.
By bus : 35 minutes from Shinkansen “Morioka Station”.

"Shizukuishi-gawa Enchi garden"  One cherry tree at "Koiwai farm"