[ Otaru Triangle Market(@Hokkaido) ]

"Otaru's" fresh Sushi.

Otaru has developed into an international port city in Hokkaido.
Today, I introduce you a touristic market “Triangle Market” in Otaru.
The name “Triangle Market” comes from the shapes of the land and its roof.
There are 16 stores, it sells fresh marine products, fruits and vegetables grown in Hokkaido.
You can buy high-quality marine products such as crabs, abalone, and sea urchins by asking discount.
The width of market is only 2m, and total length of the market is 200m. It’s been lively since early morning with many barkers standing outside the stores.
You can eat fresh Sashimi and bowls of various fish toppings(crabs[“Kani”], sea urchins[“Uni”], scallops[“Hotate”] and salmon roe[“Ikura”]) at 6 restaurants.
After you have bought the fishes at the market, it is also possible to ask their people to cook the fishes as you like.
There is menu for foreigners too.
Don’t worry, you can easily communicate with them by showing pictures of what you want to eat.

[ Information ] Otaru Triangle Market(“Otaru Sankaku Ichiba”)
Every day from 6am to 5pm
3-10-16 Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
■TEL: +81-134-23-2446
■URL: http://otaru-sankaku.com/language.html
■Access: JR Otaru station
Only 2 minute walk

"Ikura, Uni don" (Salmon roe, sea urchin bowl).  Let's eat all "Hokkaido ramen" in "Otaru"!  "The Otaru canal". One of the famous beautiful place in "Otaru".