[ “Kendo” -Japanese culture experience spot 7- ]

wearing armor protection for "Kendo"

“Kendo” is one of the traditional sports. It is using bamboo sword and wearing armor protection for “Kendo”.
It is said that “Kendo” is originated in early 17th century as a part of sword training.
Some kids sometimes go to “Kendo” lesson after school, and some school has a “Kendo” club activity for students. And they learn the manners or rules like Samurai soul through playing “Kendo”.

Today, I introduce a “Kendo” lesson spot in Tokyo, you can experience it. It is located near JR Yamanote-line “Uguisudani” station.
Case of just the “Kendo” experience lesson, it takes time about 2 hours and 2-100 people can take a lesson at the same time.
If you want to take this lesson, you have to reserve it by e-mail from the website.
And this website is written detail thing in English, you should check it.
How about you experience Japanese traditional sports?

[ Information ] SAMURAI TRIP
■Open: inquire for them.
■Charge: 19, 000yen + tax ~ (depends on the lesson)
■Address: 4-7-2, Higashi-Nippori, Shinagawa ku, Tokyo
■URL: https://www.samuraitrip07.com/
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samuraitrip07/
■Access: Nearest station is JR “Uguisudani” station.

preparation for Kendo.  parts of Kendo tools.