[ “Konpeito” – Japanese traditional candy / “Ryokujuan Shimizu” @ Kyoto ]


Do you know “Konpeito”? Petit and cute candies are popular among kids.
This sweet candy is made from sugar.

This small and cute bright candy is solidified sugar. It looks like bright jewelry, so humorous! The sweet taste spreads in the mouth. It’s very sweet. From children up to adults, they can not stop eating, from the next to the next.

One of the most famous shop of “Konpeito” is “Ryokujuan Shimizu”. This shop is making only Japanese traditional method and recipe.
The facade of this shop is maintained 180 years ago.
Many “Konpeito” is displayed on front of the shop. Usually, we see 50 types of goods by the colors and shapes.

All people are not able to order via web internet, so you must directly visit this shop.
You see the making of “Konpeito”. It is surprised with some beautiful cute candies at the counter of “Ryokujuan Shimizu”. And you can buy best souvenir for your family.

[ Information ] Ryokujuan Shimizu
10:00-17:00 (ex Wedesday and 4th Tuesday )
38-2 Yoshida Izumidencho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-771-0755
10 minutes walking from Keihan main line “Demachi-Yanagi Station”.
By bus, get off at bus stop “Hyakumanben ” from “Kyoto Station”.

"Konpeito" is very colorful!  Ryokujuan Shimizu Variety of "Konpeito" @ "Ryokujuan Shimizu"