[ Japanese “Toumorokoshi” (corn) : Familiar ingredients you can eat at the festival ]

White corn "Pure white".

I think that most of you are familiar to corn.

A lot of Japanese like corn and it is often sold at shops or the festival.
The taste of corn in Japan is so sweet!

The first place of the volume of production and shipment of Japanese corn, is Hokkaido.
Thanks to the fertile earth of Hokkaido, we can produce sweet, delicious corn.
Some of the corn in Hokkaido is that we can eat raw.

Also, the kind improved corn called “Pure white” is produced at Hokkaido, too.
The taste of “Pure white” is extremely strong sweetness. We can enjoy refreshing taste like fruit when we eat raw.

But there is little number of the production because it is very difficult to cultivate this white corn. We cannot readily eat it.

But, the Japanese corn is all delicious, please try it if you came to Japan!!

"Yaki Toumorokoshi" (baked corn).  You can eat it at festivals.  Girl likes corn. "Yummy!"