[ Today’s Japanese Word “Keirou-no-hi” ]

thanks for grandparents

Today’s Japanese word is “Keirou-no-hi” (Senior Citizen’s Day).

The “keirou-no-hi” is one of the national holiday.
Every year, it is the third Monday in September.
The purpose of “Keirou-no-hi” is the “respect an old man and celebrate longevity”.

The schools and the nursery schools are hold an event in “Keirou-no-hi”.
For example, there are the events to invite the one’s grandparents and a local old man to the school.
And, students show off some songs or drama to old men.

In addition, volunteers held an event for old men.

By the way, many Japanese people give a gift to one’s grandparents in “Keirou-no-hi”.
Popular gifts…
– Japanese sweets
– Health Goods
– Flowers and bonsai trees …etc.

I want my grandparents and parents to always be healthy.

many Japanese people give a gift to one's grandparents in "Keirou-no-hi".  Popular gift "Japanese sweets"