[Today’s Japanese word “Sotsugyou-shiki” ]

"graduation certificate"

Today’s Japanese word “Sotsugyou-shiki” (Graduation ceremony).
In Japan, in March, many of the schools do the graduation ceremony.
Because, school’s year start in April and end in March.

We celebrate the completion of the curriculums. For example, an kindergartens a nursery school, an elementary school, a junior high school, a high school, a university, and a graduate school.
This event is the event that has been defined in the Japanese School Education Act regulations.

Well, how do operate Japan’s graduation ceremony?
At first, the graduates will enter the ceremonial hall.
At that time, it is often the brass band is playing.
Then, they speak “words of opening ceremony” and sing “the singing of the national anthem”.
And, it will be “graduation certificate conferment” for the graduates.
Principal teacher will pass the “graduation certificate” to the graduates.
Then, the representative of the graduate salute.
And, they sing a song appropriate to the graduation.
Then, “words of closing ceremony”, and the graduates exit from ceremonial hall.

By the way, the graduates wear clothes in the graduation ceremony.
Graduation ceremony is a place of ritual.
Students wear the school uniforms or suits.
Woman to graduate from the university is also to wear a “kimono” or a “hakama”.
When the graduation ceremony is over, they start preparing for a new school.
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Graduation ceremony  "kimono" or a "hakama".