[ “Yuru-Chara” is very cute! @ Japan ]

The Japan's most famous "Yuru-chara", "Kumamon". (©2010 kumamoto pref. kumamon)

“Yuru-Chara” is the mascot character which abbreviated “Yurui (loose) mascot character”. It uses at events, a community building, publicize information of the local ,and the corporate identity of a company.

It is said that a Japanese comic artist devised the name “Yuru-Chara” in 2004. It is generally known widely now in Japan. There are more 2000 characters.

“Yuru-Chara” comes to be indispensable to an event of Japan. At the local event of each place, you can watch it almost surely.

There is an event that “Yuru-Chara” gather for, and the people goes to watch character of popularity and their favorite characters.

“Kumamon” is the Kumamoto’s “Yuru-Chara”.
“Mikyan-chan” got the “Yuru-Chara Grand Prix” second place.
“Nebaarukun” is non-official recognition character of Ibaraki.

Is there any “Yuru-Chara” which you know?

They are all cute!!

Left: Ibaraki official recognition mascot character, "Hustle Komon". Right: Ibaraki non-official recognition character, "Nebaarukun".  "Nebaarukun's" special ability is stretching long in lengthwise.  My recommended "Yuru-chara" is "Kirara-chan". I will introduce her animation next time.