[Japanese word “Ochugen”]

"Ochugen" (summer gift)

Today’s Japanese word is “Ochugen” (summer gift).

Japanese have the custom giving a summer gift to express their appreciation.
It is called “Ochugen” in Japanese.

“Ochugen” is the custom to give gifts to such as co-workers, bosses, relatives, or friends.
It is usually given in mid July.
In department stores, there are displayed many kinds of “Ochugen” from around June.

Popular “Ochugen” gifts item is
– Somen (Japanese noodle)
– fruit
– Cold sweets (such as jelly or ice cream) etc.

These are things that want to eat in the summer.

Of course, the ham and beer is also popular.
However, we select the seasonal gifts, it will be very pleased.

What does your friend like?

Popular "Ochugen" gifts - Somen  Popular "Ochugen" gifts - fruit Popular "Ochugen" gifts - Cold sweets