[Today’s Japanese culture “Types of Japanese yen”]

Types of Japanese yen

Today’s Japanese culture is “Types of Japanese yen”

The money of Japan has “paper money” and “coin”. There are 4 kinds of “paper money” and 6 kinds of “coins”.

Today, I will introduce each characteristic.

At first, “paper money” in order of high price.
(amount of money / calling name in Japan / design)
• 10, 000 yen bill / ici-mann-yen / Yukichi Fukuzawa, founder of Keio University
• 5, 000 yen bill / go-senn-yen / Ichiyo Higuchi, a female author
• 2, 000 yen bill / ni-senn-yen / Shuri Castle in Okinawa
• 1, 000 yen bill / senn-yen / Hideyo Noguchi, a doctor

Next, “Coin” in order of high price.
(amount of money /Japanese call name / design)
•500 yen / go-hyaku-en / Paulownia blossom
•100 yen / hyaku-en / Cherry blossoms
•50 yen / go-jyuu-yen / Chrysanthemum
•10 yen / jyuu-yen / Byoudo-in Houou-do Temple
•5 yen / go-yen / Rice stalk
•1 yen / ichi-yen / Young tree

“50 yen” and “5 yen” are shaped like a donut. It’s said that this is unusual worldwide.
In addition, “5 yen” use only “五” notation of the kanji.
The Arabic numeral “5” is not written in “5 yen”.

By the way, now, “2, 000 yen paper money” are very rare in Japan.
Because the issued period is very short.
The “2, 000yen paper money” was issued in commemoration of the “Okinawa Summit” held in 2000.
And since 2003, it has not been issued.
However, it seem to be used frequently now in Okinawa.

I think, foreign money is a kind of a very good souvenir.

From the top・10,000yen・5,000yen・2,000yen・1,000yen  From the left•500 yen•100 yen•50 yen•10 yen•5 yen•1 yen