[ Japan of June ]


Became in June.

Japan becomes the rainy season. The weather is damp and humid.
Hydrangea of seasonal flowers will begin to bloom.

Japanese people feel very new mood in the June.

1) June Bride
In Japan, the wedding in June is popular.
When you get married in June, it is said “It is happy”.

2) Seasonal changing of closet
From June 1 to September 30, we will wear the (School) uniform of summer version in Japan’s schools and government offices.
It is a habit peculiar to Japan with the four seasons.

3) Father’s Day (the third Sunday in June)
Father’s Day is the day that represents the thanks to fathers.
In Japan, it is in the third Sunday in June every year.

4) “Tsuyu” (rainy season)
“Tsuyu” is from May to July. On this periods, it has many cloudy and rainy weather.
The start of the rainy season is called “Tsuyu-iri”.

In June of Japan, it is some poorly weather.
However, a nice rain goods are also popular.

Let’s enjoy the rainy season!

June Bride  Seasonal change of closet Father's Day (the third Sunday in June)