[Today’s Japanese word “Kamon”]

Edo Shogunate "Aoimon" is famous.

Today’s Japanese word is “Kamon” (Family crest).

“Kamon” is a Japan-specific emblem. It is also called “Mondokoro” and “Mon”.

The beginning of the “Kamon” is the Heian era.
“Kamon” does not have rules on the number with. Some families have many kinds of “Kamon”.
Aristocrats used the “kamon” for a “koshi” (two-wheeled covered wagon pulled by man), and samurai was used in armor.
Because, “Kamon” is intended to express the family and position of social status.
Japanese family crest is 241 kinds, there are more than 5116 patterns.

By the way, the design of “Kamon” has some patterns.

– “Jyuu-dai-kamon” (Traditional ten pattern “kamon”) … it is a pattern used most.
– “shokubutu-mon” (Of the plant pattern) … Edo Shogunate’s “Aoimon” is famous.
– “Doubutu-mon” (Animal pattern) … birds or horses and so on.
-“Shizengensho-kamon” (natural phenomenon pattern) … wave, lightning, moon and so on.
There are many other pattern .

What pattern do you like?

"kamon" is located around the house. For example, "tatami" edge.   the design of "Kamon" has some patterns.