[ Two days special edition: Japanese Valentine’s Day ]

Happy Valentine's Day!

As you know, we celebrate the Valentine’s Day on February 14, and it is the day of the oath of lovers in almost parts of the world.

Valentine in Japan has gone through unique development. It became a custom to give a chocolate from a woman to a man as a present of the love now on Valentine’s Day.About 1950s, the merchandising and the confectionery industry tried to spread the Valentine’s Day for their sales promotion.

It is the late 1970s that it took root in the Japanese society. It is like these days that the Japanese type Valentine’s Day, “a woman gives chocolate with deep affection for a man” was established.

In Japan, Japanese girls give chocolates for not only their lovers, but also their parents, friends, co-workers and for themselves (a reward for hard work)!

We distribute it as follows.

1)”HONMEI” 本命 : The chocolate for lover (include unrequited love).

2)”GIRI” 義理 : The chocolate for guy friends and co-workers.

3)”TOMO” 友 chocolate: The chocolate for lady’s friends.

4)”GOHOUBI” ご褒美 chocolate: The chocolate for yourself.
“HONMEI chocolate” is the most expensive, but surprisingly “GOHOUBI chocolate” is to be next expensive or almost as same as a “HONMEI”. haha

I will introduce Japanese special chocolate tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

Japanese girls looks around the various shops to decide which chocolate they shall give to their partner.  Japanese girls makes "TOMO" chocolate and put it in such a pouch to give it. I'm thinking what kind of chocolate shall I give this year (and also my "GOHOUBI" chocolate too!).