[Today’s Japanese word “Wasou kekkon-shiki” – Part2]

"Shiromuku" and "Tsuno-kakushi"

Today’s Japanese word is about the “costume” at “Wasou kekkon-shiki”.
There are several bridal costumes at “Wasou kekkon-shiki”.

“Shiromuku” (Pure white kimono).
It is special costumes at the sacred ritual wedding, .

“Iro-Uchikake” (colorful wedding kimono).
“Uchikake” was a full dress for samurai’s wife since the Muromachi era.

“Bun-kin Takashimada”.
The position of the topknot of hair is high ornate ones.

“Wataboshi” (the bag-shaped white cloth hat).
It is used only at the “Shiromuku”.
“Tsuno-kakushi” (white cloth on the hair).
“Wataboshi” and “Tsuno-kakushi” are used also at the wedding.

Groom will wear a “Haori-Hakama” (coat and hakama).

The western-style dress is also very popular. But the people to marry in the Japanese traditional costume is increasing .

We think “Wasou kekkon-shiki” is one of the important culture of the Japanese.

"Shiromuku" and "Wataboshi"  "Iro-Uchikake" and "Bun-kin Takashimada"