[ “Ise-Jingu” Shrine @ Mie Pref ]

Entrance of "Ise-jingu".

“Ise-Jingu” is a Shinto shrine in Ise, Mie prefecture.
“Ise-Jingu” worships the God (the “Amaterasu Oomikami”) which divinized the sun, and the God (the “Toyoukebime”) of food, clothing and shelter.

There are two original shrines in “Ise-Jingu”.
“Amaterasu Oomikami” is enshrined in “Koutai-Jinguu” (another name “Naiku” in general). And “Toyoukebime” is enshrined in “TouyoukedaiJingu” (another name “Geku” in general).

I went to “Ise-Jingu” Shrine! And this time, I visited the “Naiku”.

It is said that “Ise-Jingu” has a lot of power spots. Especially, it is said that the God of love (the strongest in Japan) to be worshiped in “Naiku”.
If you are a woman, you should go “Naiku”!
Only a walk in “Ise-Jingu”… I really feel having got divine.

Every day “Ise-Jingu” is crowded with people, but you can worship till 18:00.

If you go at about 16:00, there is hardly any people. You can feel monopolistic state by the vast cultivated “Ise-Jingu”. I recommend that you visit in the evening.

[ Information ] “Ise-Jingu” Shrine
1) January・February・March・April・September
2) May・June・July・August
3) October・November・December
■Admission fee: Free
1 Ujitachi-cho, Ise-city, Mie Pref.
■URL: http://www.iseJingu.or.jp/foreign/index.html
From Chubu Centrair International Airport to “Ise-jingu” (Fastest Way)
Chubu Centrair International Airport
1) Ride on High-speed boat (45min.), get off at “Tsu Nagisamachi Terminal”
2) Take Express bus (direct/1hour10min.), get off at “Iseshi” Station
3) Take again a Express bus (direct/5min.) get off at “Ise-jingu” (“Geku”)
4) To go to “Naiku”, take a Express bus (direct/10min.), walk (50min.), ride bicycle(rent/20min), or ride taxi (10min.).

"Ise-jingu"  Way to "Ise-jingu". Way to "Naiku".  "Gaiku"