[ Let’s go to “Usagi cafe” @Asakusa / Tokyo ]

Bunnies are welcoming the visitors!

I think there are some people who had heard a “Neko (cat) cafe”. But do you know that there is a “Usagi (rabbit) cafe” in Japan?

In “Neko cafe” and “Usagi cafe”, you can touch animals and play with them.
There is only cat in the “Neko cafe”, and only rabbit in the “Usagi cafe”. But, there are many kinds of cats and rabbits at each cafe.
This time, I went to the “Usagi cafe” in “Asakusa”. The cafe’s name is “With Bunny”. There are 26 rabbits and bunnies at the cafe. They were so cute

Feeding and hugging the bunnies are the basic menus (with one drink). Various service menus for playing with bunnies are prepared. Please look at the web site for the details.

I chose the basic menu. I fed and hug the white bunny named “Hoto”. He’s a rabbit of the kinds called “Dwarf Hotot”. His eye’s line is nice!

You can hug only one bunny in the basic menu. But feeding and taking photographs with all bunnies are all right.

If you choose the other menus, you can hug several bunnies, and also you can spend together keeping bunnies loose in a room.
In Japan, there are other cute animal cafe besides the “Neko cafe” and “Usagi cafe”.

I would like to introduce there cafe in other time.

Please look forward to it!
[ Information ] Bunny’s Theme Park “With Bunny ASAKUSA”
■Open: 12:00~19:00 L. O 18:30
Holiday: It will tell in the facebook page (Please take the confirmation to the shop before going.)
1-7-1, Hanakawado, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-5827-8229
■URL: http://www.usagi-cafe.info/english/index.html
■Facebook: https://twitter.com/WithBunnyFuRai/
■E-mail: http://www.usagi-cafe.info/english/contact.html
1) 10 seconds walk from the north exit of “Tobu Skytree Line” “Asakusa station”.
2) 1 minute walk from the No.7 exit of “Tokyo Metro Ginza Line” “Asakusa station”.
3) 5 minute walk from the No. A5 exit of “Tokyo Metro Asakusa Line” “Asakusa station”.
4) 10 minute walk from the No.5 exit of “Tsukuba Express Line” “Asakusa station”.

I hugged the “Dwarf Hotot”.  A lot of photographs of the visitors are displayed at the entrance.  The big signboard of the bunny is the mark of the shop.