[“Neko-no-hi”(the day of the cat) in Japan]

"Tama station master"(This photo is quoted from the official site)

Today, 22 February is “Neko-no-hi” (the day of the cat) in Japan.

Why we call today “Neko-no-hi”?
In Japan, the number “2” is pronounced “Ni”.
And cat meow is pronounced “Nya”.
Do you think “Ni” and “Nya” similar to pronunciation?
We think they are similar.

February is written as “2-gatsu” (2月). So February 22 has three “2”.
So, “2 2 2” (Ni Ni Ni) to read as “Nya Nya Nya”, is called “Neko-no-hi”(the day of the cat) .
It is just a joke(lol).

Well, today is “Neko-no-hi”. We introduce some topic of the Japanese cat.
・Idle cat
In Japan, we often love a cat who live in a station or the stand.
For example, “Tama station master” of Kishi Station (Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture) is famous.
The “Tama” of the cat is station master of the unmanned station of the Kishi station.
“Tama” had been familiar to the user of the Kishi station.
So, user and railway company called “Tama station master” that cat.
All around Japan’s fans go to Kishi Station to meet the “Tama station master”.
・The sweets are drawn cat
I introduce marshmallow from among the sweets.
The cat’s face is written on a small marshmallow, it’s very cute!
・Tea of cat motif
The tag of tea bags is drawn the cat.
It will be healed in tea time.
・Cat game in smartphone
For example, a game of “Neko-atsume” (cat collection).
“Neko-atsume” is very popular, it became the prize of the crane game.

I want to be healed in cat sometimes.

[Information] ・Kishi Station
Address: 803 Kobe, Kishigawa-cho, Kinokawa city, Wakayama Pref.
URL : http://www.wakayama-dentetsu.co.jp/images/wakayama_eng.pdf

・Cat sweets(Cat marshmallow)
FELISSIMO [ONLINESHOP] URL: http://www.nekobu.com/blog/2015/01/post-481.html

・Tea of cat motif
After noon tea
URL : http://www.afternoon-tea.net/

・”Neko-atsume” crane game
Yamashiroya Ueno
Address: 6-14-6 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo
TEL: 81+3-3831-2320
Regular holiday : New Year’s Day
Open 10:00~21:30
URL : http://www.e-yamashiroya.com/

Cat sweets(Cat marshmallow)  Tea of cat motif "Neko-atsume" (cat collection) game's screen  "Neko-atsume" (cat collection) at the crane game