[Japanese word “Momo / Momo-no-Hana”]


Today’s Japanese is “Momo / Momo-no-Hana” (peach / Peach Blossoms).

In March, the beautiful “Momo-no-Hana” will blossom a lot.
Japanese people love the peach and the peach blossoms.
Also especially there are beautiful blossom peach tree called “Hanamomo”.
Peach flowers are very colorful.
Its color is such as “red”, “pink”, “white”, “mix” and so on.

Why are a lot of peach trees in Japan?

In Japan, the “Momo” is believed to have the power to pay the evil spirits from ancient times.

So, we introduce some story about the “momo”.

In the old folk tale “Kojiki”, “Momo” (peach) is appeared.
“Izanagi-no-Mikoto” (old japanese god) had managed to scare off the devil by throwing the “Momo” (peach).
“Izanagi-no-Mikoto” praised the “Momo”, he given the name of the “Ookamudumi-mo-mikoto” (Fruit of great God) to “Momo”.

The “Hina-matsuri” (Doll Festival) is called “Momo-no-sekku”(the festival of “Momo”).
Why is it called the “Momo-no-sekku”?
Because it is the season of festivals of just “Momo” blossoms, it has been called that name.
And, also this event is to pray for the healthy growth of girls by the blessings of “Momo”.

In the famous folk tale of Japan, there is talk of “Momotaro”.
The hero was born from “Momo” (peach). His name is “Momotaro”.
“Momotaro” grow up and drove away the demon.
Incidentally, this “Momo” was picked up from the river by old woman.
This “Momo” is considered a gift from God.
How is it?

“Momo”, it is not only delicious, but also is loved as fruit of God by a Japanese.
We think “Momo” is one of the important Japanese culture.

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Mix color "Momo-no-Hana".  Peach name of the "Ookamudumi-mo-mikoto" Statue of "Momotaro"