[Japanese word “Wahu-getsu-mei”]

Japanese word "Wahu-getsu-mei"

Today’s Japanese word is “Wahu-getsu-mei”.
Old Japanese people used the Japanese-style name of the month, it called the “Wahu-getsu-mei” (Japanese-style moon name).

“Wahu-getsu-mei” intended to match the season or events in the old lunar calendar, it often used in current calendar.

January : “Mutsuki”
February : “Kisaragi”
March : “Yayoi”
April : “Uduki”
May : “Satsuki”
June : “Minaduki”
July : “Fumitsuki”
August : “Haduki”
September : “Nagatsuki”
October : “Kannaduki”
November : “Shimotsuki”
December : “Shiwasu”
“Wahu-getsu-mei” has various opinions about the some origin, but introduces a representative thing.

I introduce “Wahu-getsu-mei” of this month.
This month is “Mutsuki” (January).
“Mutsuki” used two Chinese characters.
One is “Mutsumi” 睦 and another is “Moon” 月.
The meaning of “Mutsumi” is harmonious (good terms or close), and meaning of “Moon” is “month”
In the new year holidays, family, relatives and friends gather for the New Year’s celebration, and they are more harmonious the friendship.
That is the origin of the “Mutsuki.”