[ Today’s Japanese word “Koinobori” ]

A lot of "Koinobori"

Today’s Japanese word “Koinobori” (carp streamer).

In Japan, May 5th is “Kodomono-hi” (Children’s Day).
Families with boys decorate the “Koinobori”.

What is a “Koinobori”?

The history of the “Koinobori” is said to have started from the Edo era.

In Edo Era, when the boy was born in the samurai family, they were decorated “Samurai Flag” (nobori) in the front door.
This custom was to convey two messages to God.
“Please observe the this child! ”
“Boy, was born. Thank you! ”

At first, it was habit of only samurai family.
Before long, it was spread to the general public.

But, town’s people began decorating the Samurai flag (Nobori) different from the samurai.
They drew a picture of carp to the flag.

Why did they drew carp?
In old China, the fish which had finished climbing the waterfall was become a dragon.
Only a carp went up the waterfall , and it become the dragon.
The picture of a carp was modeled on the legend.

Of course, the meaning is, “As with the carp, I want you strongly to grow up magnificently”.

After that, the Samurai flag is shaped like now.

“Koinobori” have precious meaning for boy.
Would you like to decorate it?
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"Nishiki-goi"(Colored carp)  Picture of the dragon