[Japanese word: “Shichi-go-san” ]

Kimono boy

“Shichi-go-san” is one of the traditional event of Japan, it is mainly carried out on November 15.

“Shichi-go-san” literally means “Seven-five-three”. “Shichi” is seven,”Go” is five,”San” is three.
It means celebration for each age children.

This celebration is for 3 and 7 year-old girls, and for 5 year-old or 3 and 5 year-old boys.
Boy’s age of celebration is different depending on the region.

This day, the children dress up in a “kimono” or a dress. And the children are given a “chitose-ame( Japanese candy)”. And they are go to the local shrines.
“Chitose-ame” is long, red and white candy in the paper bag that crane and turtle are drawn.
In Japan, “Red and White” is the happiness, “crane and turtle” is a symbol of longevity.
In the old days of Japan, many children couldn’t survive. parents pray a long life for their children.
It is origin of “Shichi-go-san”

Even now, parents celebrate the growth of the children of these ages and pray for the health and the future happinese of their children.

Kimono Girl  Chitose-ame